The Long and Short of it all!!

Have you ever heard of a "Duster Cardigan?" It's a long, almost to the floor Cardigan or Coat. Now to really "nerd out" I will take it one step further and tell you: "The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust." Straight outta Wikipedia baby! I've shied away from this look for years given my current stature....(Okay my same height since Junior High and probably going to get shorter as I get older, I hear) I didn't want to overwhelm this delicate little frame of mine. HA. Well, I caved and tried the Duster, because I really like some Boho styles and guess what? LOVE IT! As long as I keep my ankles and/or neck showing, I can pull this baby off. 


A cute long Necklace always elongates. This was a Christmas gift (Thanks J4) but I found some great ones for you below ~


And you know how I love me a great Scarf. With this look I actually like it long and flowing but with the option of wrapping it up tight If I get cold....that's OFTEN! This was a lovely Birthday Gift (Thanks Lor) but I have some similar ones for you below ~


The sweater would look great with leggings and flats also. Maybe Sneakers? Just keep things fitted if your tinny...And yes it does hide wider hips and arms. 


And there is my Duster Story! From trail dust to your closet. You have to try one. I love this particular Cardigan, it's soft and under $20. It's a great color, that's flattering on all skin types. Enjoy the rest of your week friends ~

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Pics by ~ Serano Photography