Working the Cone and the Maxi

Don't's hot! A girl has to get a cone once in a while, and while we were taking pic' started to, I did what any other lady would do.....sucked it down! 

Everyone should own a maxi dress! I don't care what size body you have, there is one for everyone. They are extrmely comfortable and if you pick the one that emphasizes your best assets, then you have a winner, winner, chicken dinner! 

I should have worn a black tank under this maxi! UGH! So much boob!  Moving on ~ These are some favorites: Maxi Dress, here, here, here and here, at different price points and styles. 

Have you ever visited Charming Charlies? I got this Coral Statement Necklace for super cheap! It's bright and fun. Add's a little color to this cute, but bland outfit. 

I am not a fan of super short, "Ballero" or "Shrugg" sweaters! They cut you in thirds and they look very dated. Sorrrrryyyyy.... When you wear something long like this maxi but need a little arm coverage a "Blardigan" is perfect. The length is not overwhelming, if you wear your size! Don' size up. And don't buy one with too much draping, then it get's overwhelming. 

And I keep working that cone. Yummy! We should reward ourselves....right? Yep! Work hard, play harder....boy do I need to listen to that more. Sigh. Hope you had a wonderful extended weekend and 4th of July. I did! Getting ready for the cruise.....Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki