Ya Ya Yellow and Sparkles!

I'm getting ready to go on a cruise and this blingy skirt will be tagging along! It would be great for dinner or maybe a day in Catalina?? We are doing the 5 day cruise on Carnival, from Long Beach to Catalina to Mexico and back. My husband has never been on a cruise so I thought I would do a little one, somewhat close to home, to see if he likes the experience of being on a boat before I book a big one. The Caribbean or Alaska maybe? When your kids get older, trips get a little tougher since your trying to make sure everyone is not bored. Me included. Back to the biz at hand - 

This cute little jeweled skirt is light weight and airy, perfect for summer.

I added a plain white T-shirt and braided sandals to make the skirt more casual. I love Cynthia Rowley T-shirts from Marshall's but you have to go into the store to get them. ASOS makes a great one also, that I wear often. 

Charcoal grey, in my book, goes with almost anything. I love this color! Is it a color? Old Navy has this cute Cardigan that actually fits this Petite chick really well, and it was only $20. 

I wore this outfit to the movies! I thought It was cute and the Chambray shirt kept me warm.  Ever try to tie your shirt at the waist? TIP: If the shirt is a little loose with a tank underneath, its very comfortable and flattering (nips in the waist). Next, roll the sleeves so it's not so stuffy. We want a more casual, slouchy vibe peeps! 

So, I threw on this Cream Satin Cami to show you how this embellished skirt could be kicked up a notch. Dinner out? Wedding or Bridal Shower? Birthday Party? Cruise? Then I put the slutty sandals on. LOL! No, not really slutty just really high and remarkably comfortable! 

CORK ALERT: You may think this is weird..but stay with me here....I worked at Nordstrom's when I was going to College, in the Lingerie Department. They actually had us do a ton of training so we would be "Fit Experts." Yes, that's a thing. Anyway one of the ladies from Wacoal told us that when you wear a cami, always iron it and then ball it up for a sec?! WHHAAATTTTTT??? She said if you just iron it and then wear it, it's going to show creases (and it's going to crease) but if you iron it and then ball it up, it has creases distributed evenly. So that's what I did. Does it look like a mess??? Yes!  

Ok...really high wedges...for me! But I LOVE, LOVE, THEM!!!!

I added in a Cluster necklace and these adorable earrings my boss bought me. (Thanks Dawne, love these!) Similar earrings for a more dressy look.


July 1st week 2017 024.JPG

I think I'm getting a little bit better with the self tanner?! I will be getting a spray tan for the first time next weekend...we will see how that goes. I figure, if I go dark, it will hide the cellulite? And we can laugh at the pictures when I get back. Good times.   

Happy 4th - Enjoy, and be safe. Corki

Pics by Jill M