A Pink Ruffled Lady-Like Dress

Sometimes I like to "lady-up," and dress a little more girly and feminine. This does not happen often as I tend to be a preppy, tom-boy type, but this dress looked all kinds of grown-up pretty to me. I thought I would try it out a couple different ways and see how much wear I can get out of it ~ 


I'm thinking a Shower, Wedding, Birthday Party, Date Night???


These shoe's are such a perfect match for this dress. They have that ballroom dancing vibe, kind of feeling the 70's a bit also. I think they complement each other and give you that long line so that you appear taller. That's the "monochromatic" (all over same color) look Petites often speak of to trick your mind into thinking you'r 5'9. Is it working? It's my Jedi Mind Trick!


Toughen it up a bit with boots?


Nope! Not feeling this. I actually like the boot's and tank option but not the boot's and long sleeves. 


I like this! This is great for a little more casual affair.  

Are you a girly girl? Or a tom-boy? Or maybe somewhere in between?

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Jill M Photography