Comfortable And Cozy And Still Married!

At the end of a busy day all I want to do is peel off my clothes, wash away the makeup, and get that hair up, and off my face......And still look cute! Tall order. I know. You see, the hubby and I  just celebrated our 23 Year Anniversary and I want to keep that spark burning. I want him to still be attracted to me even though all the newness has long gone.  At the end of his long day I want him to walk past me while I'm on the couch (girls are not strapped in, gut is not tucked in, and all the lines and creases are showing in all their glory) and think..."hubba hubba!" This, my my "comfy end of day, hopefully I get a hubba hubba outfit" ~ 


If you remember all of my little comments about how I am ALWAYS COLD...This jacket is soft and keeps me warm in the coziest way. Tied or untied, it still nips you in at the waist. When it's tied, you can hide your belly full of yummy dinner behind it. WIN!


Dearform makes these great little Ballerina Crossover Slippers. Comfortable inside and cute on the outside with a thick sole. Great for walking around the house and going outside. 


The other man in my life approves also. He had a rough week poor little guy. He must have eaten something that didn't agree with him and he got very sick. I was sooo worried, but he threw everything up all over my bedroom (super fun) spent a couple days not looking so great, and only wanting to snuggle (not turning that down) and he's doing much better. Yeah! 

Have a wounderfull week and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by Wendy S. Photography