Flannel and Introspection

And just like that, another year has rolled to a close. It's typically the time when you hear a lot about New Year's resolutions, and while making new goals for personal growth is important I really love to reflect on the growth and efforts I have made in the last year. None :). No I'm kidding. I am a huge introspective thinker! (Introspection: the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes) So for me: I really like to see "both sides" of conflict. Or maybe even a conversation that didn't go well. Could I have handled it better? Did I really actively listen to the other person? Did I learn anything from our conversation? What did I say? Was it judgmental and fair? Can I do better next time? I love to really think these things thru.....and then eat! Yes, an emotional eater I am. So in my last post for 2017....my first year of blogging under my belt, I have had a wonderful year.  This blog is so much fun. Your feedback has been a huge incentive to keep going. I love to dress up and clown around. Find new spots to shoot at, and meet new and interesting people. I haven't grown an inch in height over the last year, (still hoping for 2 inches) but I am working on being more patient (It's a work in progress), more creative, and more charitable. I love to volunteer. And I will do it.

Thank you for joining me when I post, twice a week, or stopping by once in a while - I truly appreciate you


And on to bigger, wayyyyyy more important stuff ~ Fashion and Flannel~


I love me a cute Flannel. This one is cute and not overwhelming, hits at my hip which is perfecto for this little one. I did a white Tank underneath and Leggings with Booties. You can see how clean the booties where in the sand. Ugh!


These Khols "Apt. 9" Petite Tummy Control Legging are the best if you have some dinner to hide. No not stuffing Sushi in your pocket, I'm talking about the "food baby" that some people get after a great meal. Under $25 bucks and worth the money for these stretchy friends.


There is a ton of Flannel options to pick from but this "Volcom Street Dreaming Plaid Cotton Shirt" is one of my favs. It's a thicker knit and is a Junior cut so it runs a little shorter and more fitted than others I have found. Throw on some Booties or Sneakers and there ya go, homie!


Take a look at your conversations with people, could they use some work? Take a step back, can you handle that better next time? Should you add a pop of color? HA! Introspection and Flannel takes us into an even better 2018. Cheers!

You ladies are fabulouse, thank's again, 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography