A Utility Jacket and a Little Personality

It's difficult to navigate thru this whole stripes situation. Don't do vertical, only do horizontal, they make you look wider....blah blah blah...Well I found this sweater from Michael Kors and blew all those crappy rules out the window. It's soft, comfortable and hit's me right below my hip bone so it's not overwhelming on my frame. The skinny vertical stripes keep me from looking to wide. Paired with a sleeveless Utility Jacket from Graham & Spencer and our little striped sweater is now rockin' and rollin!


Loft makes some great Petite Skinny Curvy Jeans in this dark Indigo color. They don't pucker in the back and have a ton of give to them. I cut them off because I like that raw edge look, and did a big cuff.  Does a "raw edge" chick mean anything? Does it say something dark and mesteriouse about me???


I've gotten so much use out of these little tie-up Ballet Flats. I have worn them with Jeans, Skirts, Shorts....I just have to be careful about where I tie the ends....


This sleeveless utility jacket has an interior drawstring waist to cinch you in the middle and is made out of Cotton and Linen. It comes in Black and this Green/Brown color. I love this color, what color can you not wear with it??  #versitility 


Do you see how I tie the end's of the Ballet Flat's behind so they don't cut off my leg. This is the only way I can wear these little gem's, or if I tie them around my ankle they appear to cut my foot from my leg and I look chubby. Any cute little printed skirt will work for this vest, mine is an older Ann Taylor Loft skirt, but I picked a similar one for you, up above, to shop. So there you have it, stripes and all, with a cute little Fall staple piece you must have. The vest is kind of like the bow on the box.....It finishes the whole look up!

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography