Little Black Dress: Can We Be Friends Forever?

Please say that you will stay with me forever and ever and ever...little black dress. You are cotton, comfy, stylish and flattering. Baby, look what I can do for you to make you stay: 

Arroyo Grande June 2017 025.JPG

How about a little off the shoulder with a black belt to cinch my waist? 

I promise to wear a really great strapless bra with you to hold the girls up so they don't rest on the waist! 

How about I wear you with no flowing and! I find that the off-the-shoulder look is far more flattering than expected when you have heavier arms, little dress.

Little Black Dress I can pair you with these adorable Gold Gladiator Sandals to spice things up a bit!

Add a Jean Jacket you say?? How bold! And adorable!

I will wear you over and over again...maybe in the fall with boots and a long sleeve sweater?? Say whaatttt????

I can pair the shoes with Gold Drop Earrings? (OMG, Is that cleavage?? Crap! Sorry people!)

One last option? How about wearing the sleeves up? Then I can wear a regular bra? Our love affair will continue as I will find more options for you to come out of the closet and play with me.... little black dress!  Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki