Valentines Day ~ Dress up or down?

Valentines Day is here and even though the thought and sentiment behind it is great...It's not one of my favorites. Why? Tell or show the person or people around you, that you love them often, not just on February 14th. Right? Uncomfortable silence.....moving on. I do enjoy this day more since having kids though, it's fun even at this age (19 & 22) to buy them little candies and make a little card -So.... How will you spend the evening? Will you dress up in a dress, and go to a fancy restaurant? Jeans and a nice Sweater maybe? Sweats and relaxing? THAT'S ME!!! Anyway you like it maybe I can give you a little style inspiration for the evening?


Distressed Jeans, Wedges, a Cream Sweater and a Long Necklace. (The smolder is extra)


Even though temps are frigid right now,  just throw on a little Cardi or Jean Jacket!


Hair up, soft sweat pants, and a house wrap Jacket, this is where you will find me!

Enjoy your Valentines Day and thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Jill M. Photography