Workout Extravaganza!

You all have heard me rattle on about how much I love to work out...I really do! And If I don't....crabby pants. It's bad. But with these thick thighs and a curvy figure I'm not one to show a lot of skin. I wear tank tops only if I'm taking a spin class, running outside or doing an outdoor class. Otherwise I stick to boxy t-shirts. Here ya go, a little skin ~


This tank from Patagonia is great because it's a much looser fit. I'm wearing a Medium so that I have room to breath and move around without looking 4 months pregnant. (I'm not, but that movie popcorn was really good) :) I like the Sports Bras from Express because they have more coverage in front. I want the side boob and cleavage out of site!!!!! 

See you can really move in this baby and everything is still covered up! I had to show you.


This cracks me up...I was stretching my neck...and I'm missing an arm...LOL!


And...action shot! This adorable sweat jacket, sweat cardigan, yoga jacket?? Not sure what you call it, but I call it all kinds of cute. I love to wear this to the gym and afterwards to run my errands. I wear Brooks Shoes to work out in. My Foot Doc says they are very good shoes if you are foot challenged. That's me: Height and Foot Challenged. Sigh.


And yes I wear make-up to work-out in...NOT! It's all for you. No makeup, hair buns and a hat are really what happens. 

I have had some requests for a workout series, and I aim to please, so I'm happy to announce:

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Fit Fun Friday

I have taught Fitness Classes for 15 years, I have ton's of fun moves that you may like to incorporate into your: already intense? non-extant? moving a little bit? just getting back into the swing of things? Like to watch me make a fool of myself? Workout! I will show you one move each Friday and maybe over the weekend you can try it? Sound fun? I'm excited....Check back on Friday.......

Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S Photography