The Grey Shorts and Self Tanner Mishap!

Let's just get it out there, right off the bat - I messed up my self tanner! It seems to happen often with me, the struggle is real. Here's my problem.....I go from ghost white to dark x 10 over night! Gradual needs to be my new word of the week. So with that out of the way, and you NOT focusing on my ankles in these pics.....let's see what we can do with one little pair of grey shorts: 

Summer July 2017 006.JPG

If you follow WUC often you know I am not a fan of yellow, on me, but this combo works well with my....uhm...tanned skin. This similar Yellow Floral Cardigan from Loft and this one from Boden with similar tank from Loft. I found these little gems at Loft and they seemed perfect for each other. Now, I am not a "shorts with heels" gal,(not that that's a bad kinda gal to be) but these Slide Wedges are comfortable, and I thought they were actually flattering. This look would be cute for a dinner out?! Out of the comfort zone peeps! 

This is what I would wear to brunch ~ Loft  Walking Shorts in Coastal Grey with similar belt and Leather Woven Flip Flops. There is my favorite "half-tuck," so casual and hip. 

My beloved Vans  work well also! Mine are grey and great if your walking and on the go..... This cracks me up because I had such big hair before we started shooting that I was worried it was to big. Then I walked outside and everything went flat...thank you for a good push-up bra! HA! 

I know many of us usually reach for a T-shirt to pair with our shorts, and this one from G.H. Bass Jeweled Tee in Navy, is whimsicle and fun. Note: I will wash this in a lingerie bag so the jewels don't get jostled around and torn off. 

Simple. Comfortable. Casual. 

Don't fret I have more way's to style these cuties, but It was 110 out and I was starting to sweat. Not pretty in pics. I would love to hear what you pair with your shorts. Are you a flip-flop or wedges gal? (no judgment, lol) Sneakers?

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by  ~ Jill M