Just Casual Pinkiness!

Ok, so Mother Nature is playing tricks on us here in California, as it's been warm, like 75 degrees and now it dropped to 38! Yes, I actually had ice on my car window this morning...What does one do in these strange situations? Do I buy a ice scraper? How do you use it? Should we go to work or stay indoors?? Kidding....I really love the cold and all that comes with it: layers, hot tea, heating blanket, snuggling....and scarf's. I thought I would keep this whole Valentines Pink thang' going with this super soft and medium weight, Pink sweater and Purple (or Eggplant) Cords. 


I never get enough of the pom-pom flats! I may or may not have stopped to do a cheer routine in the middle of the mall to show them off.


Oh Denim Jacket...."You complete me!"


I changed it up with my super comfortable, keeps my feet warm, Tilly's Booties and a Pink Scarf.


Cords are a nice change from Jeans - and the colors are endless!


I never tire of Van's. They are really one of my very favorite Sneakers, and if you go on the Van's website the options and prints are so cute! I remember in Junior High wearing them, and when we got bored or lacked focus (HAHAHAHA) in class we would draw on them. You know you were deep in love if your name made it to a boys shoes. 


On a serious note: this lovely park is in Santa Clarita and is called "VETERANS HISTORICAL PLAZA" It's a lovely memorial to those who have served in the different branches of Military. It's smack in the middle of town and is really lovely and so well done. I don't think we do enough for the Military so I love to see them Honored. Just my own personal, tinny, soap box...ok I'm done. 

All right my super Pink friends, shop the look above, maybe get some inspiration, and have a wonderful rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by ~ 

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Pics by ~ Wendy S. Photography