The Spring Capri Chino's

Sweater / Tank / T-shirt / Pants / Shoes / Necklace / Cardigan / Flip Flops

I LOVE CHINOS!  That's it. I have nothing more to say. 

Oh I crack myself up! I went into Khol's to get a gift and came across these cute "Sonoma Good For Life Chino Capri's" and had to have a pair. They came in 3 colors in the store while on-line there is 8. I really wanted the Sage color (Army Green) because it's easy to wear with so many other colors, but the Coral Cloud was the only one left and they rock! I love stepping out of my comfort zone its soooo rewarding.  Let's see what I did with these Coral gems ~

Love this grey deep-v crossover sweater although it's VERY tight on the arms, If you carry a little weight there. It helps to wear a fitted top or a long necklace to take your eyes away from something like larger arm's. Hey, we have to work with what we have ladies!

I love me a little pop of color.

These Chino's have a ribbon detail down the side that is soooo cute.

Big black belt with a half tuck to bring in the waist. (Say that really fast 100 times)

One of my favorite things is to pair unexpected colors together. 

Can you see how cold I am??? 

This is full wind blown, freezing my #*$# off! But, do you see how the flip flops match the sweater? 

I have a guest joining me on the blog Sunday..... Have a wonderful Mother's day and thank's for stopping by ~ Corki