Sawyer and the Faux Leather Jacket

Corki : Jacket / Jeans / Flannel / Striped T-shirt / Swing Shirt / Shoes    Sawyer: Entire Outfit from Tilly's

Happy Mothers Day!!!! For this post I invited my youngest...Sawyer, to join me. College student with a touch of "ham" in him, like mom. Is he a doll? OMG. Love! 

Bam! The Smoulder! 

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This Faux Leather Jacket by Jou Jou is on sale at Macy's for $34.99 with free shipping!

It also comes in black.

Modern Boot Cut Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash is from Loft for $49.99 - Extra 30% off with a Love Loft Card! I know Boot-cut jeans are not as popular as skinny jeans but for us curvy girls they really work well to balance out the "athletic thigh's."


Sawyer wears his Chuck's ALL THE TIME! Maybe mom should get a pair? Red?

I got this flannel at Hollister. It's cute and a little different because the collar is missing and the edges are ragged. Or maybe I just bought one someone cut up and returned??

We couldn't take a picture together with our flannels because we looked to similar!  It's like those couples who dress alike......awkward! 

It started raining on us so we had to take pictures under the trees! my boy's sooooo much! We have so much fun together! They better marry girls who don't take them to another state! Or my husband and I will have to follow them :) 

Helicopter Mom. And proud of it! HA!

Yes. I know my shoe is untied. Why I didn't realize it and tie it when we were shooting is beyond me!

My other son had to work so he couldn't join us...but he will! I had so much fun with my youngest. I'm so proud of him, he's a great kid and on the right track in every way. He's in school full time, works hard and is sooooo considerate of others. Proud momma alert.


Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful ladies! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to take a peak at my world - Shop for yourself you deserve it! XO ~ Corki