The Grey Skirt and Green Legs!

Cardigan / Similar Skirt Flip-flops / Sneakers / Sweatshirt / Similar print shirt / Stripped Shirt

Ann Taylor and AT Loft are, as I'm sure you have guessed, one of my favorite places to shop. I find that the petite clothes fit my little tiny curvy body, very well and they are reasonably priced. Although some pieces are sold out already, most of the item's below are from Loft Petite's. They are comfortable, casual and perfect for running errands or brunch?? Lets see what we can do ~ 

Yes I know....BUY SOME TANNING CREAM! Why I go out of the house this pale is beyond me. Here is my dilemma: I have some recent feet problems from running (it's a fast jog, who are we kidding) and have to do Physical Therapy. When I go (you have to watch insta stories and snap chat to see the weird stuff they make me do) they do this intense massage with a blue tool that looks like it belongs in the Gyno's office. They rake the back of my calves and feet with it very hard. It's extremely painful...but it totally helps. Sooooo...they rub off all the tanning cream/foam I have on and I'm back to "green" legs. There you have dilemma!  

Maybe I'm young at heart because I love me some Van's with a skirt.

This hair cracks me was very, very windy..I swear this isn't planned.

Talk to the hand!

I can wear this skirt for many seasons since it's light weight. I will wear it again during Winter with legging and boots.

Looking forward to the weekend...we have a busy one coming up! Lot's of fun..have a great end to your week and thanks for stopping by ~ Corki