The Monochromatic Switch up

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Oh my goodness, the fun we had with this shoot. My photographer Jill was under the weather, so I called in the big guns.....The hubby! Master photographer and wrangler of furry dogs. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a shot of him behind the camera. He's standing next to the tri-pod with an umbrella making faces at me and calling the dogs...sooo fun! BUT - when I looked at the shots later and went to edit,  I found that my man had been "blog posing" while I went to go change. Scroll down to see. Anyway, I wanted to do a little monochromatic today and then of course....change it all up. These cute jeans are by Charter Club at Macy's. They are the "Petite Skinny Ankle Jean" and are on sale for $29.99, although if you use the code FRIEND you will get an additional 30% off, bringing these bad girls to $20.99. They come in many more colors...perfect for Spring!  I got this shirt at Anthropologie awhile ago but it's no longer available so I found you a similar one. Let's see what we can do...

Love this wide cream military belt to do the "half tuck." Tip: Monochromatic is all one color. Wearing one color makes us shorter gals appear taller as the line of the eye is not broken up. 

This crisscross tie front is great because it's on trend and not to low for us modest gals.

Haven't decided to keep rolling the bottom of the pants or cut them off and fringe them???!!

No they are not Birkenstock's. They are however, comfortable cute shoes by JSport called the Carina. They have a generous soul with a ton of cushioning for this little runner who has messed up her feet and needs a little love down there! (the feet people) Not bad for $24.99. I have seen this brand at Costco so you can get your groceries and comfy shoes! HA!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

This jacket is from Black House White Market and was a very nice gift. They have cute embroidered jackets that are a bit pricier but well worth the investment.  

Photo bomb by out of control fluffs of love! 

When we take pics they want to be with mamma. I was telling them to sit and stay....see, perfectly trained babies! (I'm working on them... they listen most of the time...unless there is a squirrel)

This one came out kind of grainey, not sure why but I thought this was a crack up with the umbrella prop!


My super hot hubby! Love you! 

Have a wounderfull week and thanks for stopping by ~ Corki