The Animal Print Top...Growl

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Who doesn't need a little animal print top in their lives? Well this little women did! I found this little cutie at JCPenny on sale and cannot find it on their website. Again. I don't think the pictures do the shirt justice, its actually cute and drapes well in the front. Love these Ann Taylor Loft jeans! They are the "Curvy Skinny Jeans" and are on sale for $54.99. A great investment for a pair you can wear most of the year. Mine are petite and (gasp) I had to cut and roll them....I guess I am short!? Allright let's get busy...... 

I love these T-Strap shoes! They are cute and comfortable and the red comes in handy for these more neutral outfits. Ya know we gotta stand out ladies!!!!

This light weight jacket is perfect for Spring.


I think I have a cardigan from Loft in almost every color...This one is on sale for $29.99!!

My dad came from Arizona for a visit and was happy to help with these pictures since he is also a photographer. We had such fun but he can't believe what a ham I am....still! It never goes away dad,  just get's worse with age. 

OK so here's the scoop....I put DARK tanning lotion on for 3 consecutive days before this shoot because I knew I would wear a skirt.....DO YOU SEE ANY COLOR???? What is going on? I looked like a tan goddess (little brown tan midgets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory more like it) and color.! Can anyone suggest any good tanning creams? 

A black jersey pencil comfortable.

And the jacket comes back.....

Maybe more office appropriate? 

Ta da!!! All done..... Thanks for stopping by, hope you had some fun ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M and Craig Spencer Photography