The Cream Blouse And Her Options

As we are approaching Easter I went on the hunt for a cute dress and ended up with this long sleeve sweater from August Moon. I found it at Marshalls for only $22, what a bargain! It's cotton blend, with a transparent back and is very light weight with a front pocket. A tank top underneath is very necessary...I wore a white tank to soften the lines. If you have noticed in previous posts I am a sloucher. No not the way I stand but the way I do a half tuck to give my clothes a slouchy or relaxed appearance. I tend to be a bit of a worrier and maybe a little of a perfectionist or shall we say uptight? Therefore I like my clothes to scream "She's totally relaxed!" 

I love the way the fitted boot cut jeans and heels balance out the larger top. The long necklace adds interest and draws your eye up so you appear I look 4'11 1/2?

Ok so this is called "the smolder with an orange!" Have you ever seen someone so serious about an orange??? 

I love these Ann Taylor Seersucker Capri Pants with dark brown. The Loafers and Belt make the whole outfit preppy while the scarf adds color.

And we have the slouch!

Although I do like this's not the most flattering on my shape. The heels and necklace help but not my favorite. I need to make sure I wear a fitted piece when I wear a baggier my first pic.

Thanks for stopping by and happy Easter ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M and Countryside Studio