The Printed Petite Dress with Nude Heels

Dress // Shoes // Sweater // Vest

Oh the days are certainly warming up here in Cali. and that means less clothes....well more layers in my book. Cold in the morning and at night and in the office during the day, warm outside, yet breezy...blah blah blah. So, in honor of spring I saw this dress at AT Loft on sale and loved the print and had to have it! Now I tried on a PS (petite small) and it was tooooo small so I tried the PM (petite medium) and thought it fit better.....until I got these photos back! What the hell??? So it's cute and I love how it has a drop waist but.....the arms are way to long and the length is to long also. I am short ladies and this is a petite??? It's just overwhelming on my frame between the fit and the busy print.  Although I do like the dress in the picture on the tall thin girl, mine will be going back to the store. Hey, I told you I'm not one to hold back the truth so there ya go! I have to say that someone who is maybe leaner and 5'2ish may really enjoy this dress more. To end on a positive note I have to say that I really like the look when I added the grey cardigan to the dress and rolled the sleeves! And there you have it ladies....have a great week and thanks for stopping by (I would love to hear your true honest thoughts!)  ~ Corki

I added a cute grey cardigan

Love this grey puffer vest! 

Pics by Jill M