The Yellow Sneaks and Grey Cords


I was up at my mom's in San Luis Obispo and as usual we went to the outlets, we go every time we're there which is almost once a month. Thankfully my husband is almost a bigger shopper than I am. He seems to have more patience for the hunt than I do and then shows up with some cute finds at great prices for me! (Thanks my love) For my everyday outfit I wear jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and a scarf....yes, even in summer! I'm always trying to make this combo cute and comfortable and changing out the Scarf, Cords instead of Jeans, getting a good fitting T and a colorful pair of kicks helps! Now for my little "Yellow Story:" When I was 19 years old (just yesterday) I went shopping at Macy's with my mom and I came across this cute vibrant yellow sweater. I held it up close to my face and said to my mom "OMG cutest sweater and best color ever! I have to buy this." (Yes I still talk like my 18 year old self) The look of horror on her face surprised me, and then she said: "Cork you have no color with that Yellow it washes you out honey." I was devastated and never touched yellow again until I saw these cute vans...In a light shade of yellow. HA! BTW, my mom was with me when I purchased them and she said they looked great....or maybe I'm just way tanner now?? (just kidding) Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you my kooky stories.... Corki

I cut my cords and rolled them for a more casual look.


I love the colors in this scarf from H&M and it was only $12!! It's an in store only purchase, not on-line but I found one similar for you.

I love this Loft sweater, the possibilities are endless with this one..think of how many colors you can wear under it???

Tip: When you are on the shorter side and you are going to wear pants that are short with Sneakers, try to keep the pants fitted on the body and make sure you show some ankle! Showing some skin on your foot and ankle will help you from looking to stubby and overwhelmed by the pants. 

I love a good frayed edge to my Jeans and Cords.



Have you ever tied a scarf around your waist in the belt loops? Try it! Super cute.

I do love a thick belt with the t-shirt strategically tucked behind the buckle! 

Pics by Jill M