The Henley and Cords

Pants // Shirt // Belt // Scarf // Shoes

Let's start off with ~These Ann Taylor Loft pants are $9.88!! Holy crap! (use code NEWNOW on-line only, and they are final sale) They are a light weight stretch cotton corduroy material with front and back pockets, mine are petite and required....NO HEMMING! WHAT?? Yes, Ann Taylor Loft knows her little chicks well. We are short and require short pants and she get's us. I got this shirt at the Loft outlet and love the versatility of it. I wear it under jackets, alone, sleeves buttoned up or down, bra no bra...just kidding..always with a bra I got carried away! I found the "buttons down the front" version for you in my link. LOVE! You know me and my love for scarfs. This one was a gift from my hubby from Macy's. Yes he buy's me a gift for his birthday...great guy or what?! Geez. I couldn't find it on-line although they have them in the store at around $30. Check out my Instagram and you can see our picture from his birthday. We did a Maze Room, Dinner and Lazer Tag. SO FUN!!  Do you own a Henley?  Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

I like the shirt to sit behind the belt buckle, it makes your waist appear smaller.

Also makes your outfit look more put-together!


Love the fringe!

Pics by Jill M