The Jegging and Cardi Incident

Jegging // Sweater // Shirt // Shoes // Necklace

These were some fun pictures!! So the day started out sunny and beautiful and ended in hail! No joke. I decided I really like the stones on the side of the new library in Santa Clarita and thought they would make a nice background for my pics. We are doing our thang and the clouds begin to gather....we laugh it off as it begins to sprinkle....and then in a matter of seconds it begins to POUR so we run to the car. We found a little covered area on the other side of the building and finished with the pictures there as it started to hail! Not good for the hair ladies! I wonder what my blogger friends on the East Coast do? Check out the "Jegging"- it is a skin tight jean that feels like a legging but is actually denim. Schooled!? That's right, what the cool kids you have to get a pair. I of course have to make them more conservative by pairing them with an Ann Taylor open front cardi and this cute black loose, sleeveless top. Oh the things we do for fashion....I'm off to dry my hair...Jeggings....sweater...undergarments.....Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Burgendy & Ripped Jeans 2.png

         This is the back door and behind me is thunder and hail!

      Sunny and beautiful sky....with some puffy clouds

I put this in because it cracks me up how serious I am because my feet and sweater are now drenched...and we are contemplating our next move. Go home? Keep going? 

                   This is the back door baby!

                These are crazy eyes.... with teeth chattering

Burgendy & Ripped Jeans 6.png

And back to the beggining of the day! Sun!

Pics by Jill M