Brown Sweater & Gold Sneaks

With the holidays upon us I felt a little sparkly! Can these gold sneaks by Tommy Hilfiger be any cuter? I love that they are gold but not in a obnoxious bright way...just nice and subtle.  They are super comfortable and nice and low on the sides for shorts and skirts later....Yep, I'm thinking ahead. These black jeans are soft and have a nice give to them, they have a little higher rise than I like but that just covers up my tramp stamp! Hahah, I'm kidding, I do not have one! This brown sweater does not disappoint with its rolled edges making it nice and casual. Love it! I had to have a pop of color so I added this scarf with reds, burgundies and pinks. Oh my! How do you add a little sparkle to your day? I would love to hear from you...                                                                                  Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M