Bown Boots & Wrap Cardigan

Ok let's be honest....this wrap cardigan didn't work the way I wanted. I really like the color, it's very soft and I like the way the button is off-set. But ...this is not a good look on someone who is short and curvy! Its to overwhelming on my figure and to drapey (is that a word?) I have a small waist and this doesn't show it. I didn't care for it open either - it just didn't work for me. I may have to try to work with it again and maybe try leggings and boots? Or leggings with my ankle showing and flats??? hmmmm....So maybe it's not the cardigan but how I styled it!? It may be.....ME. Ugh! I paired the sweater with a striped tee from Khols with a conservative v-neck (not to low) in a blue grey color to add some interest. My black skirt is also from Khols in the junior department, Its a snug fit and washes well without fading. You may remember these boots from an earlier post as I also have them in black. They are "Naturalizer Jennings Wide calf " and I can't say enough about the comfort. I can stand and walk all day in comfy. This weekend is my birthday....another year wiser??? I embrace getting you? 

                                                                  Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki

Pics by Jill M