Cream Skirt & Black Sweater

Happy 2017!! It's a new year full of new looks here on What's up Cork. I started it all out with a cute little cream skirt and a black blardigan. Yes its a cardigan and a blazer = blardigan. I swear it's a real word....really it is....When we shot these the wind was blowing, people were waving at us, my eyes were watering and the best ones seemed to be with my "resting bitch face." Actually we had a great time and I have to say I was super comfortable in the outfit. I have on a black v neck tank to sexy it up a bit and kept my blardigan open. If I was going to wear this to work I would tie it closed to make it more conservative for the workplace. I tied mine closed with a black silk ribbon. These black booties are so comfortable you will def see them on repeat. And never ever leave home without a "pop" of color!!
I added these turquoise earnings from Target to amp it up a bit.
I am so grateful you stopped by, here's to a great year!!! Cheers!!! Corki    

Pics by Jill M