Birthday Ski Outfit

Today is my birthday! Yep another year.....wiser!? Off to the mountain's I went for a weekend of snow fun with the family. We went Skiing and Snowboarding, sledded down hills, ate to much and played games. My kinda fun! My rig here is all about warmth and comfort as it was a cool 19 degrees (us Californians are such wimps, I know) and the layers I did apply. My hubby bought me bibs to wear on the slopes which I had never worn before and I must say they were great! They stayed in place as I swooshed through the powder and kept me warm as it snowed on us. He also got me cute snow boots for when we came off the slopes and they are on sale!! The boots and the bibs are from Big 5 and the quality is not bad, I figure I will get a couple years out of these both. We went to Costco to load up for food and I picked up this cute purple Kirkland active jacket that is so soft and was great for layering. It came in many colors and was about $20. I worked at Nordstrom when I was in college and bought myself a pair of winter silks that I have worn for years. They have kept me warm and are soft against your skin an fit like a glove. Love! I dont see that Nordsrom carries them anymore so I found a company called "Winter Sils that carries different weights and colors and has tall and petite! I'm off to un-pack and rest have a great week!

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Pics by Jill M