Fedora & Printed Mini

It seems as though long sleeve weather is here for a while so let's jump right in! I love. love. love this top from Ann Taylor, it's perfect to wear over a more fitted piece on the bottom and runs a little big. Perfect. It's a combination of Rayon, Nylon and Spandex so it skims your body and hasn't shrunk at all after multiple washes. I air dry it flat also to keep the color and shape. This cute skirt is the perfect length and goes with so many colors, although it's not very forgiving on the body. As in.....WEAR TIGHTS or SPANXS! Now these booties do not have a pointed toe but I thought they were so cute and had to have them. I really try to buy pointed toes as they elongate the leg.

Doesn't make me taller but maybe I appear taller with pointed toes?! Anyway, I bought them at Marshall's but found a similar pair for you. And the fedora. This is the cutest hat maybe to hide a bad hair day or if it's drizzling??? Is it cold where you are?

Thanks for stopping by ~ Corki  

Pics By Jill M